Easter: A Call To Renew Our Faith

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by Sr. Brenda Walsh, Racine Dominican


As we walk with Jesus through his Passion, Death, and Resurrection, it is a good time for us to immerse ourselves in this sacred journey and deepen our commitment to follow the path of Jesus day by day. The Scripture story is not just about the journey of Jesus, but also about our journey and how we live the message in our world today. It is about bringing hope, healing and peace to our world greatly in need of such gifts. The Gospel story is not only about the God’s power in raising Jesus from the dead. That same power is available to us at all times, and we are called to make good use of it.  


We are familiar with the use and misuse of power in our society. Many, especially in the West, claim power and privilege and superiority of one race or culture over another, leading to racist attitudes that deprive many of a full and meaningful life.  We rely on the power of the atom to build sophisticated weaponry for war and to explore outer space. Many of the advances may be good in themselves, such as in the field of medicine, but others are used for destructive purposes and rob many people of life. They prevent us from relating to the human family in a life-giving way and of living a Spirit-filled life. We need to tap into a greater power – the power of God’s Spirit always available to us.


The Easter season invites us to look deep within our own lives, our community life, our nation and our world. The promise that is offered to us by Jesus is that “all may have life and have it in abundance.”  Watching the evening news, we see daunting challenges. There are endless wars, failed relationships, budget deficits, and much political conflict. There is very little mention of the common good. We must know by now that what we have tried up to this time is not working very well for most of the human family. Paul offers us this sound advice: We are not to keep festival with the old dough but to find and use a  new dough that will offer a new way of living and relating to the whole human family.  This does not mean we will have no challenges. It does remind us that challenges and failures will not have the last word in our lives and relationships.


We are called to live a Spirit-filled life through the power of the Resurrection. We have God’s promise that we will never walk alone. We need to take time each day to get in touch with the Spirit within. We draw on that power and pray that the stones in our lives will be rolled back from our individual, community, and national lives and let the Spirit of Easter shine in and through us.  Are we ready to allow this to happen and to walk in the light of the Risen Lord?  If we do this, we will bring light, hope, peace and justice to our own lives and our broken world. What are we waiting for?


 We are told in 1 Corinthians 6: 14, that God who has raised up Jesus from the dead will also raise us up by the same Spirit that dwells in us. This promise of life everlasting gives us great hope. We will live a life that continues beyond the grave with our loving God forever.  How do we bring this message of hope to the people we are serving? This calls for our energy and fidelity in sharing the Word about the Easter promise of unending life.

We have many reason to rejoice and be glad.


This is a time for all of us to deepen our faith. To facilitate this, Pope Benedict XV1 has called for a Year of Faith. He and Bishops from around the world gathered in Rome have noted that people everywhere are much less interested in celebrating and living their faith and this calls for a renewal of faith for all of us. The Pope is asking for as many individuals and groups as possible to get involved in this endeavor: “Faith must be lived in truth and justice, honest and open dialog on an ecumenical level and through works of justice and peace.”  The Pope believes that a renewal of faith would give new energy to the whole church and lead men and women out of the desert they often are in and towards a deeper   friendship with Christ who gives us fullness of life. The Year of Faith would help Catholics have a better understanding of their faith and express it by being authentic witnesses to Christ. The year will run from October 11th, 2012 to November 24th, 2013. October 11th 2012 is also the 50th Anniversary of the Vatican 11 Council, an event that many Catholics remember. For more complete information on the Year of Faith, go to (Printed with permission)


May this year and all the efforts made to renew and deepen our faith, enable us to choose God’s plan and work to make it a reality and to choose life for ourselves and for generations yet to come. Through the power of the resurrection, a new light will shine in our minds and hearts, directing us toward a new way of thinking and relating, of being and doing, and solving problems in such a way as to bring life and not death and destruction, and bring healing and hope to our wounded world. We can do it in the name and power of the Spirit. May the hope and energy of Easter fill our minds and hearts as we welcome the life-giving presence of God who guides and sustains us at every step of the way. Easter Blessings!


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