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Contents: Volume 2 


 - 12/10/2023

Year B








1. -- Lanie LeBlanc OP

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Advent 2 B 2023

Our readings this week are both comforting and challenging. That seems fitting since it is Advent, the time we prepare for Christmas. It is a time when that spiritual focus gets perhaps a little blurred by the busyness as well as the commercial things around it.

If we take the time to slow down, we do realize that all of the hassles in the family, neighborhood, parish, workplace, country, and the world have already been solved by the Birth, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus. One big problem is that we know that truth, but it takes a long while, I think, to let that sink in and dissolve all the extra stress in life that sometimes mounts up to enormous levels. It is a task of a lifetime, but we can reset right now!

Two things come to mind, directly from the readings, that I think can be helpful. The first one is a first reaction to John the Baptist, the one that usually sticks in the mind of younger folks: this messenger(John the Baptist or someone in our life) lives on the fringe and seems rather unusual. Can the message be authentic?

The second is from our second reading. It says in part: "what sort of persons ought you to be". I think attention to the combination of these two thoughts might be excellent helps for all of us. Do we miss opportunities for personal spiritual growth because of the messenger? How can we attune ourselves to hear what the Lord wants us to hear... and then re-align our lives?

Advent combines the joy of the Birth of Jesus, the enfleshed Sign of the hope of our rescue that humanity was promised long ago, with the challenge of living as we ought before the Final Judgment. May the Hope we so sorely need revive our troubled world! May that Hope reset each individual so that we will genuinely and intentionally care for ourselves, others, and creation in accordance with the Master Plan.


Dr. Lanie LeBlanc OP

Southern Dominican Laity













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-- Fr. John Boll, OP


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